About us

Ever since its establishment on 18 September 1990, Royal međugeneracijska solidarnost d.d., a joint stock company whose shareholders are domestic natural persons, has been successfully engaged in the administration of the purchased supplementary pension scheme as its only activity. It is not just a joint stock company, but a civil society institution promoting a dialogue between employers and employees, and among all social partners, with a view to resolving social, psychological and material problems of employees at retirement. Royal ensures the regular payment of purchased supplementary pension benefits by safeguarding the funds received and their investment in government securities, real estate and other instruments prescribed by law, and its operations are supervised by government institutions. Royal međugeneracijska solidarnost d.d. awarded an ISO 9001 in 1998, a quality management system certificate, for its high-quality operations which comply with international standards.


Our mission

The primary mission of Royal međugeneracijska solidarnost d.d. is to promote the culture of retirement. It begins with a joint effort of the representatives of that company, employers and trade unions to create a climate of confidence, to provide conditions for a dignified departure of employees from the world of labour and to inform them of the consequences of their decisions to retire. The mission continues with fostering life-long connections between the retired and their former working environment, primarily through a monthly payment of their purchased supplementary pensions. In this way, the purchased supplementary pension becomes a kind of reward for and acknowledgement of an employee's long-standing participation in his/her former company's operations. Therefore, such pensions are often named after the retired person's company, (e.g. Ina pension, HEP pension etc.). The purpose of these efforts is not only to provide for an employee at the time of his/her retirement, but also to motivate the person to continue with activities appropriate to his/her age and to satisfy his/her need "to belong to the team" which he/she has lost upon retirement. Thus, for example, in 1994, the pensioners of the branch office in Rijeka founded a Royal Pensioners' Club. Royal međugeneracijska solidarnost d.d. supports such initiatives and provides various forms of assistance to the Club members.

Dokup mirovine je doživotna otpremnina, odnosno dodatni mjesečni prihod uz mirovinu iz Hrvatskog zavoda za mirovinsko osiguranje. Namijenjen je zaposlenicima s ispunjenim uvjetima za prijevremenu starosnu ili starosnu mirovinu koji će u sporazumu s poslodavcem, unatoč ranijem umirovljenju i manjem stažu, ostvariti tzv. punu mirovinu. Dokupljena mirovina odgovara razlici između starosne ili prijevremene starosne mirovine ostvarene sukladno Zakonu o mirovinskom osiguranju i mirovine koja bi bila ostvarena da je navršena određena starosna dob i/ili navršen određeni mirovinski staž.